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Serving Fairview, Hendersonville, Asheville & Weaverville, NC

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Backwoods Grading, Landscape & Excavation LLC specializes in digging deep; especially for larger homes in the mountains of Asheville, NC and surrounding areas. You can trust us when you need a professional excavation crew to dig:

  • Basement foundations
  • Trenches
  • Drainage systems

Backwoods Grading, Landscape & Excavation LLC carries special insurance for digs deeper than four feet. Call now to work with an experienced crew on your next excavation project in Asheville, Fairview, Weaverville, NC and surrounding areas.

What's the difference between excavation and grading?

Excavation involves moving earth after a property has been cleared. It usually includes removing dirt, stumps and boulders to clear the way for a road, driveway or foundation. Once excavation is complete, we start the grading process. Grading involves leveling and shaping the property so that the site is ready for construction to begin.

Backwoods Grading, Landscape & Excavation handles land grading and excavation, so call now to schedule your excavation services and get started on your new construction.