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Create a Focal Point on Your Property

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Install a decorative stonework retaining wall

Does your yard need some sprucing up? Consider installing a retaining wall. A retaining wall is a brick or stone hardscape that holds back earth or water. You can build these walls around trees, ponds, pools and gardens or build a large wall in front of a slope.

At Backwoods Grading, Landscape, & Excavation, LLC, we have all of the equipment needed to build a beautiful wall in your yard. Don't let a poorly installed retaining wall come crumbling down on your property - bring in a team of professionals to install it! Give us a call today to get started.

4 benefits of retaining walls

Build a beautiful retaining wall on your Asheville, NC property today. Retaining walls are fantastic hardscaping choices because:

1-They prevent flooding. Not only do retaining walls look great on your property, but they can also help avoid disaster by blocking excess water flow.
2-They make your yard look bigger. Try walling off unused space around a tree and filling it with pretty flowers.
3-They serve as focal points. Every good landscaper will tell you that your yard needs focal points that will draw your eye to something beautiful.
4-They prevent erosion. Steep areas of your yard are likely to erode over time. Block off the downward flow of water and soil by installing a retaining wall today.

The Backwoods Grading, Landscape, & Excavation, LLC team can install retaining walls on your commercial or residential property in the Asheville and Weaverville areas. Call 828-231-4195 to learn more.